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Why don't you send me all the photos you've taken?

You're paying me to provide good quality pictures, and despite my best efforts some can come out blurry or the person I was about to snap a candid of turns away/sneezes/yawns or who knows what else! Let me do the weeding for you and provide the truly great pictures.

How long will it take to receive my photos?

It depends on the session you booked. A mini-session with 20 or so pictures I aim to deliver the next day. A full-day wedding from bridal prep to dancing can add up to over a thousand pictures to sort through and professionally edit so you're talking more like 2-3 weeks.

Can you provide a second shooter?

Absolutely I can. I collaborate with a network of photographers and can soon find a willing partner. They don't work for free though, so hiring a second shooter will incur an extra cost, usually somewhere around £200.

When do I need to pay you by?

I require a deposit to secure your booking for the agreed-upon day, and the full amount paid at least the week before the event takes place.

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